Audio CD Combo 2 – (10 CD’s)


1. Be not Conformed; 2. Forgive! Why should I?; 3. Psalm 15 and 24; 4. Rewards in Heaven; 5. The Christmas Lie; 6. The Humility of Christ; 7. The Message of the cross vs The Cross; 8. The Python spirit and the spirit of Procrastination; 9. Valentine’s day and Halloween; 10. Passover vs Easter


1. Be not Conformed 

2. Forgive! Why should I?

3.  Psalm 15 and 24

4. Rewards in Heaven

5. The Christmas Lie

6. The Humility of Christ

7. The Message of the cross versus The Cross

8. The Python spirit and the spirit of Procrastination 

9. Valentine’s day and Halloween

10. Passover versus Easter


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