(Pray this prayer OUT LOUD so that satan and any of his demons on the property can also hear what you proclaim over the property)

“Father, we come to you in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! We thank you that the Bible declares where two or three are gathered in Your Name, that You are in their midst. You are welcome here Lord Jesus, because we submit ourselves to You and we proclaim that we, and our physical property, all belong to You. Thank You for entrusting us with this piece of property in this time  of Your big plan.

Lord Jesus, on behalf of ourselves and previous owners of this property, we confess the following things before You:

1.    We confess any bloodshed on this property Lord Jesus, and we ask, should there be any blood calling out from the land in the spiritual dimension (Gen. 4:10 and Num. 35:33), that You would now silence such blood with Your precious blood that was shed at Calvary.

2.    We confess any kind of sexual immorality committed on this land, albeit pre-marital sex, extra-marital affairs, homosexualism or pornography (Jer. 3:2 and Lev. 19:29), and Lord Jesus, we ask that You will now sanctify this land with Your precious blood.

3.    Lord Jesus, we confess any ungodly contracts that were entered into with the kingdom of darkness on this property, albeit with witchdoctors, satanists or Freemasons (Isa. 24:5,6), and we ask that You will cancel any such agreements/contracts in the spiritual dimension.

4.   We confess any curses which was spoken over the property (Prov. 18:21), and Lord Jesus, we ask that You will now break any such curses and replace them with Your blessings on this property.

5.    We confess any kind of idolatry that was practised on this property (Ezech. 6:4-6; Ezech.14:6) and we ask that You will show us today what is still here which You don’t want to be here, to enable us to remove and destroy any such idols in Jesus Name.

Thank You Lord Jesus, that the enemy will now not be able to use these five things as a legal right against this piece of land any longer. Now we ask that You will let Your precious blood flow around the whole of this property, from every corner post and that You will now spiritually cleanse the land and the buildings thereon, in Jesus Name. We also ask that You will give Your angels charge regarding us and this property (Psa. 91:10-12) and that You will set up Your angels at every corner post, next to our gates and also in and around our home. We further ask that You will place Your angels to stand shoulder against shoulder around the perimeter of our fence, above us in the air, and even below us in the spiritual dimension, so that this property will become a light for the nations around us, and that people will come here to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, now we ask, should someone come onto this property who is not saved, that one of two things will happen, namely:

1.    That such a person will firstly be convicted of his sin and fall on his knees to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour; or

2.    Should such a person come onto this property with wrong or evil intentions, that he will turn around and flee, as Your light will drive out the darkness from this property.

Lord Jesus, we also ask that you will now cover our family with Your precious blood while we are busy burning or destroying any symbols of idolatry on the property. Please let Your angels stand all around us while we are busy now, in Jesus Name. We now resist the devil (James 4:7) and we say: “Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ we destroy any legal rights which you and your demon spirits think that you still have on this property. You will leave now, in Jesus Name, as it is written if we submit ourselves to God and we resist you, that you will flee from us.”

Lord Jesus, thank you so much that You are now sanctifying and cleansing our property for us, and we also ask that You will keep on leading us and teaching us regarding things which You don’t want to be on this property, and that You will also show us on a daily basis if we may buy certain items, or whether se should rather leave them be. (Prov. 3:5,6)

Thank You very much Lord Jesus for Your precious love and grace, we worship You and we praise You!