My dear friend

Peace be unto you.

Allow me to speak to you about what we all strive for to be successful.

We all want to be successful in what we do. In our work, marriage, relationships, faith and relationship with our heavenly Father, and so many other areas.

Many of us show a semblance of success to those around us, but deep inside, we look on ourselves as poor strugglers. Others reach a certain state of success, but ‘the life in abundance’ that JESUS mentions, is just a vague rumour. It is so vague that we all think that it is meant for one day when we will be in heaven. How many of us do feel like that?

May I disillusion you? It is all a lie from Satan!!!!!!!!

It is written in the Word of GOD that HIS GLORY will fulfil all our desires. That is because there are no desires in Heaven. The life in abundance is meant for NOW and HERE. Why then, do we not enjoy it?

Do you know dear friend, that the fault lies with us. Let me draw your attention to a few facts.

Some of us believe that as soon as you have given your heart to JESUS, everything will change and will be all right. Many of us then afterwards realize with shock that it is not so. On the contrary, it feels as if matters become worse. Now why is that so?

Many believe that no temptation will come your way again. That your time for being tempted, is past. That no crisis will befall you again because you are a child of GOD. Yes, you are HIS child and HE will look after you but often in ways that you never expected.

You have to realize that GOD wants to test your faith and belief in HIM. How does He test our faith?  God gave you a will of your own and, because of that, a choice. You can choose.

The first people who had to choose, were Adam and Eve in paradise. Do we rule, as the original assignment was, or do we react on the circumstances around us?

Adam chose to react. What do you choose?

My dear friend, GOD uses trials that come your way, to give you the opportunity to discover by yourself what HE has placed in you. He wants you to find out what ‘guts’, persistence, and drive you have. HE knows, but do you also know?  

Why did GOD give man the opportunity to choose? Do realize that when God started creating, all the angels were already there. In this new creation, there was nobody with whom GOD could talk as we talk to one another. What God wished, immediately happened. There was no one with whom GOD could laugh or argue. In short, I think GOD was ‘lonely’ and that is why HE made man.

To enable man to talk to HIM, HE had to make man like HIMSELF because HE is high and mighty and above all. Therefore it is written that GOD made man in HIS stature and image.

GOD can choose and so we can also choose. GOD chose to send JESUS for the salvation of those who believe in HIM and therefore we have to choose to believe in HIM.

The ranking order of GOD is as follows:

1. GOD the trinity – FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT.

2. Man

3. Archangels

4.  Other angels

5. Satan

6.  Demons (evil spirits, principalities, powers, etcetera.

Because GOD made us like HIMSELF, and because we can choose, the choices that we are making have to be tested. Thus, also our faith in HIM and our love for HIM have to be tested.

Do you know: FATHER wants to help us but HE waits for us to take the first step forward.  It should not be the step that many of us have already taken by moving only one foot forward while the other foot remains firmly planted where it was. Such a step is a step astride and if you stand like this over the line of life and the line is pulled stiff – Ouch.

A step is only complete when you have moved both feet forward leaving no back door in case it doesn’t work. JESUS had no back door when he was crucified.

Allow me to ask you a few direct questions? Think deeply before you answer:

 What is your vision for your life?

What is your dream?

What is your plan of action to reach it?

What do you do to reach it?

Where is GOD in your plan?

Do not feel bad if you could not reply. Many of us had a well worked out plan but where we are now, is far from our plan. Many people have no plan at all. They just live.

I have heard statistics that: of people aged 30 who enter into serving the LORD, only 10% aged 60 still follow their mission. I shudder to think how few of us follow our vision.

Why do we miss it? Did the life and the people around us, degrade us to the extent where we say: “Let the water of GOD flow over the acre of GOD.”

Is that really how you feel? You, as no 2 in the ranking order of GOD????????

How can we experience the realization of our dreams and visions and become successful again?

1. Stop looking at your failures to determine what your strong points are. Satan will always accentuate your failures to get you off your course. He knows what GOD made you for and will do his utmost to prevent it. Keep your focus on GOD.

2. Identify your dreams and focus your vision on them. Let them correspond to what FATHER shows you. If you feel that HE did not show you anything, ask HIM again and discard the lie of Satan that GOD does not communicate with you.

3. Determine whether the direction that you are currently on, will take you to your dream, or whether a change of direction might be necessary. We often have to make drastic decisions, but know that GOD gives wisdom to those who ask HIM for it. Does your present position enable you to arrive at your dream? Proverbs 3: 6 says: “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”.

4. Work out a plan of action. Lay down objectives for both the short term and the long term. Erect for yourself beacons to act as milestones for you to determine whether you are still on your set way and to motivate you. We read in so many places in the Bible that the nation of Israel erected milestones.

5. Be disciplined in carrying out your plan of action. Discipline is the cornerstone of success. The LORD will help you in this. Hebrews 12:5 states: “My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him”.

What are we inclined to do when we are reprimanded by FATHER? We either blame Satan or we blame GOD.

God says in his Word that JESUS has conquered Satan. HE undressed him and bound him in darkness. Thus, Satan is in darkness and there he walks about like a roaring lion, looking for whom he can devour. Therefore we have to see to it that we walk in the light and so be disciplined in it. Satan is overcome and placed under our feet. Please remember that!!!

Discipline is also a sign of the Character of our FATHER. GOD is disciplined in what HE does and HE expects the same from us.

6. GIVE THE FIRST FULL STEP. Remember what I have already said about the lifeline. GOD says: There are one hundred steps between us. If you take the first full step, I will take the other ninety nine. GOD can do nothing unless we start doing it.

7. Do not give up if storms hit you. A ship (Person) in a harbour is safe, but ships (Persons) are not made for that. GOD did not give you a spirit of fear, but you are equipped with for everything through HIM who empowers you. GOD has already placed people around you to help you on your way to success. Start walking along the road to success and you will be surprised at who will help you.

May I quickly summarise?

DREAMS  determine  VISIONS

VISION  determines  GOALS

GOALS  determine  ACTION

ACTION  determines  RESULTS

RESULTS  realises   DREAMS

Let us reach our dreams and begin on our life of abundance. This is a reality and is meant for now.

“The Lord will bless you.

The Lord will let His face shine upon you.

The Lord will lift his face to you and give you peace.

The name of the Lord is being called over you!!


Cobus van Heerden