“Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I come stand in the gap and now confess the sins of myself and those of my ancestors to the third and fourth generation as a result of our pride and haughtiness in various forms, Father.

I confess all my obstinate pride and rebellion (Acts 7:51); I confess all religious and denominational pride, all ambitious pride and the iniquity of a critical spirit with sharp words and actions and even the yearning after and seeking of vengeance, Lord.”

“I also confess the times where I could not be taught anything because I thought I knew everything and I confess my haughtiness and proud eyes, in Jesus Name. I ask that where I listen but never hear that You will open my heart and my ears to understand Your Word and Your ways and I also confess where I was unteachable and also judgmental in my behavior.

I confess my inflated opinion about myself, my arrogance, my proud behavior and even where I received satisfaction in my own achievements, where I did not think much of others and where  I did not have time for others who did not have “my stature” and “my intelligence”.

“Father, I confess where I became intolerant towards others because they did not have my understanding, intelligence and abilities and also where I isolated myself from people just because they were not who I wanted them to be and/or because they were not like me.

I confess where I wanted to change others and even took over their roles because they were not as “perfect” as I was. I confess the fruits of suspicion and mistrust and self-deception and where I became legalistic and I ask You to kill any legalism in me. I also confess the times where I challenged and attacked people with the Bible like an advocate, knowingly or unknowingly.”

“Father, I confess where rejection and fear resulted in me becoming perfectionistic and thereby also becoming puffed up with pride and rebellion.

I confess my self-justification and where I rejected those in the church, thereby not following Your command of brotherly love and acceptance of the beloved and to walk in love. I confess where I justified my own rebellion and also my disobedience to Your Word and Your ways as a result of my sins and the stronghold of pride and haughtiness in my life.

I also confess my pride regarding my wealth, my furniture, my assets, my car/s, my income, my career and even my position in the church.”

“Furthermore I confess my pride in my bloodlines, my ancestry, my parents’ bloodlines and their achievements and even where they caused pride or racism in me as a result of all these things.

Father, I confess the hardness of my heart and that I have a heart of stone as a result of all my pride and haughtiness.

I confess where I refused to submit myself to You and to fully trust You, as a result of my pride and rebellion.”

“I confess where I gave the honor and glory to myself instead of giving it all to You, as a result of my pride and haughtiness.

I confess all my mocking, my foolishness, where I despised others and also my proud looks of contempt and pride because of my hardened and proud heart.

I confess all my disrespect, dishonor to my parents and other older people, my disrespect towards authority through arrogance and lies. I confess all my greed, scandal, strife, slander and arguments, in Jesus Name.”

“I confess all my stinginess, gluttony, laziness, my sexual lustful offences and also all my sins committed in drunkenness. I confess where I compromised Your Word not to live in sin, to walk in righteousness and not to follow the lust of the flesh and the ways of the world.

Father, I ask that You will kill all structures of sin regarding pride, obstinacy and rebellion in my life and teach me to understand that I must live a life of humility in agreement with Yourself, and that all these things be crucified in my life.”

“Teach me to understand that the old man in me must die and that I must live a new life in You while You proceed to do a work in my heart so that I will not proceed to be bound by a stronghold of pride, rebellion and obstinacy in my life.

I confess and renounce any interest in any form of the occult and the dark supernatural.

I confess where I unknowingly allowed this stronghold of pride to counterfeit the workings and manifestations of Your Holy Spirit in my life.”

“I pray that You will loosen my ears, my eyes and my tongue so that I can hear and see and speak in and through Your Holy Spirit.

Father, if I opened myself for any false tongues or any spirits of religion or any other demon spirits by the laying on of hands, because my pride kept me from seeing or hearing the truth, then I ask for deliverance from all the mentioned spirits, in Jesus Name.”

“Father, where I may perhaps have any of the following spirits of pride:

Rod of pride

(Proverbs 14:3)

Crown of pride

(Isaiah 28:1 + 3)

Great pride

(Jeremiah 13:9)

The pride of life

(1 John 2:16).

…then I pray for the deliverance from any such spirits in my life in Jesus Name.”

“Father, please anoint my prayer now with Your power and authority to cast Leviathan and any of its other relevant spirits out of my life, in Jesus Name:

I ask Father, please break the curse of Leviathan to the fourth generation on both sides of my family lines and I now destroy any legal rights which give any demon spirits reason to operate in my life through that in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Father I ask You, now please bind Leviathan and its seven heads namely pride, arrogant pride, spiritual pride, rationalization, self-justification, logic, pride regarding knowledge and the use of knowledge against people and I also bind Neptune, Dagon and Poseidon and also all relevant Egyptian spirits and the spirits of the world and of worldliness in my life, in Jesus Name.”

“Father, wherever all my pride might have opened doors for frailties, sicknesses, diseases and ailments I pray for healing and deliverance so that I can be set free from: depression, tiredness, loneliness, emotional pain, oppression, life-fatigue, excessive fatigue, tiredness, suicide, schizophrenia, apathy, dejection, despair, hopelessness, insomnia, unhealthiness, despondency and discouragement.

Father, in the power and authority of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind Orion the strongman and I loosen the bonds of the Seven-stars and Orion (Job 38:31) being “Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Saiph, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak.”

“Father, I also hereby bind any and all relevant spirits of prince charming, false gifts and false  revelations and of Beelzebub over my life, in Jesus Name.

Father, I command these spirits to leave me now as quiet as they entered my life in Jesus Name. Father I ask You, please command Leviathan not to twist or distort or in any other way take control of my body or spirit any longer, but to just leave me in Jesus Name.

Father, may You please place a hook in Leviathan’s jaw (Job 41:2) and pull him out to be taken to the place You have appointed for him.”

“Father, I hereby renounce aloud all my pride and haughtiness and hereby come out of any agreement with this iniquity and where I may be in any bands of pride, I thank You that You now destroy these bands in my life so that I can be delivered of the spirit of pride and any other relevant spirits of pride, in Jesus Name.

Father, all power, honor, and glory belong only to You and I thank You for my deliverance from these spirits, in Jesus Name.

O Lord, please break the heads of the dragons in the waters in my life (Psalm 74:13).

Please break the heads of Leviathan in pieces in my life, in Jesus Name (Psalm 74:14).”

“Please punish Leviathan, the piercing and crooked serpent with Your sore and great and strong sword (Isaiah 27:1)

Please slay the dragon that is in the sea (Isaiah 27:1)

Break all the curses of pride and Leviathan from my life, in Jesus Name. Please now bind Leviathan and all spirits of pride set up against my life.

Tear apart the scales and seals of Leviathan, o Lord (Job 41:15).”

“Release the sword of the Lord against Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1).

Break the power in Leviathan’s neck (Psalm 18:40).

Break the heart of stone of Leviathan in pieces (Job 41:24).

Break the teeth of Leviathan and tear the loot from his mouth, in Jesus Name (Job 41:14).”

“Lord, please place a hook in Leviathan’s nose, a cord over its tongue and a thorn in its jaw (Job 41:1,2).

Rebuke all proud and arrogant demons which are cursed, in my life (Psalm 119:21).

Tear down all haughty spirits in my life by Your power, in Jesus Name.

Tear down all spirits of pride which exalt themselves against Your beloved.”

“Oust the proud in the hardness of their hearts. Lord, You resist the proud.

Your power is against the proud and haughty ones who rebel against You.

Scatter Your enemies with Your strong arm (Psalm 89:10).

Do not let Leviathan and the proud oppress me any further (Psalm 119:122).”

“O Lord, render the proud a reward according to their deeds (Psalm 94:2).

Set up a watch against Leviathan in my life (Job 7:12).

Break the proud power of Leviathan in my life (Leviticus 26:19).

Bring down low everyone that is proud, and humiliate Leviathan  in my life (Job 40:11).”

“Smite the pride of Leviathan through Your understanding (Job 26:12).

Tread down Leviathan where it stands (Job 40:12).

I now bind and cast out all spirits of mind control and of the octopus from my life, in Jesus Name.

Let the deep waters be dried up and destroy every spirit of Leviathan in my life, in Jesus Name (Job 41:31, Isaiah 44:27).”

“I ask for a drought in Leviathan’s waters in my life, in Jesus Name (Jeremiah 50:38, Jeremiah 51:36).

Thank You Lord Jesus, I now receive and declare my deliverance from the spirit of Leviathan and any other relevant spirits in Your Name.

“Please fill me now with Your Holy Spirit and burn away everything which do not belong in my life, and teach me not to allow Leviathan or any of its relevant spirits in my life again.

Now I ask for the daily leading of Your Holy Spirit and that You will teach me to live in and according to Your Word, in Jesus Name. Amen.”

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