(From the Book: Freemasonry The Secret Language –

Past. Steve Worral-Clare)

[Leviticus 26:40]

I REPENT LORD on behalf of all my forbears who have crossed the threshold into the spiritual realm and into Freemasonry, especially ascending the counterfeit Jacobs Ladder found in the Masonic Craft.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE of every inducement that caused my forbears to leave the west and proceed to the Masonic east in search of other illuminations.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE of all and every Masonic obligation to find a master who would give instruction, and I proclaim my heart afresh by serving the only true MASTER, my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE on behalf of my forbears for having offered themselves as candidate to the mysteries and protocols of freemasonry, for their ignorance, and where they corrupted themselves with obligations – once admitted, they would swear to the fulfilling of the ancient customs and usages of their orders.

I REPENT that my Masonic forbears would agree to have instruments of torture rack their bodies, and for the subsequent curses these demonic obligations would invoke upon themselves and their descendants, myself included. I DECLARE AND PRONOUNCE that every spirit of impoverishment be broken and cast from my life and the bloodline of my children in JESUS name.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE for each of my forbears and their many varied acceptances and adhering to ambiguous oaths and statements wherein there was acceptance that their order of secular humanism was likened to the noonday sun, and the temple master being accepted as this equivalent, their representative. Their sun deity is not JEHOVAH, my Almighty GOD.

I REPENT on behalf of my family forbears for having opened up and for having allowed the spirit of freemasonry to enter into their families lives through the Masonic doorway of their mother lodge (and their hearts) and for having accepted the Masonic as a replacement to or of the HOLY GHOST.

I RENOUNCE AND SEVER by the blood and the word, the spiritual umbilical cord of freemasonry. I remove and cast down that strategically placed grip or hold (of the running noose), and remove the curses from myself and my bloodline in JESUS mighty name.

I REPENT and remove my name and those of my bloodline family members from any spiritual constitutional roll, or counterfeit book or scribe as recorded in any lodge or temple, and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT I see and proclaim that every certificate of membership to any evil or supernatural order is destroyed by fire. I sever myself from every subsequent spiritual authority and control of the temple and any of its various components in the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK all and every spiritual influence and exerting controls that any or all familiar spirits have had in influencing my forbears, and of their subsequent acceptance that the Masonic temple was their Masonic mothers womb. I REBUKE this claim in JESUS name and proclaim every active and passive curse associated with, or given in the name of any female deity, inclusive of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, truly broken in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK all the Masonic influences and curses associated with the Masonic genitive principal, and with male or female lust productive powers en-block, I do this in JESUS mighty name.

I BREAK every curse associated with spiritual blindness and or deafness in JESUS mighty restorative name, both over myself and over those family forbears who have been caught up with and suffer as a result of spiritual robbery.

I BREAK AND REBUKE every spirit and voice of seduction assigned to me which has been rooted and associated in the Masonic order by the precious blood of JESUS CHRIST, blood which was shed for me at Calvary.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every resulting curse and every “passing through the fire ceremony”, enactment or pantomime initiated or brought to bear upon me, or any member of my family by those forbears who entered into the brotherhood of man, or who by their participation and subsequent practises of doctrines and ancient illuminist rituals brought curse into existence.

I STAND IN THE GAP and repent on behalf of all those who were and who still are deluded and remain in freemasonry, and who believe the Temple to be Holy Ground.

I DECLARE the lodge is not a holy place but unholy, and declare the truth of Ephesians 6:15 my feet being shod with the sandals of preparation of the Gospel of peace.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual effect of the Blazing Star, the indented or beautiful skirt work borders, the Masonic pavement of the 1st degree trace board and I remove all spiritual and planetary inroads, Baal/sun worship and dependency from within by the signs of the Zodiac.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual implication and denounce the black and white squared floor or carpet known as the floor of dualism in JESUS precious name. It is not evidence of equality between Lucifer and ADONAY.

I RENOUNCE all dualism and all Masonic “yin and yang” ceremonies in the name of JESUS CHRIST, and I declare the word of GOD, proclaimed in 1 John 3:1 “Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God”.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE on behalf of my forbears who bowed at the footstool of every Masonic altar, where in belief they confessed to oaths and promises of murder death and destruction. I NOW BREAK every effect of these curses from my life and those of my children and my family. I fully believe and declare the words of Romans 12:1 that my body is now “presented a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto GOD, which is my reasonable service”.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every ungodly soul tie to the thrones of chaos and darkness, Jezebel, Ahab and the ‘dark majesty of the queen of heaven’ and the occult equivalent of the counterfeit tree of life and knowledge of good and evil.

I RENOUNCE each worship consummated at the Masonic altars of life and death, declare and proclaim in truth, that my family and my full bloodline will come into the Kingdom and Assembly of Heaven, and they shall be saved and set free – Hallelujah.

I BREAK every dark curse, which would cause or encourage ‘Pride, rebellion, deception, perverseness and the curses of witchcraft associated with the doctrines of freemasonry and the occult.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE of all forbears pride of the Masonic order and their mother lodge in particular and declare Proverbs 22:10, and ‘Drive out the mocker and strife; quarrels and insults’.

I RENOUNCE the freemasonry spirit of error and confusion.

I RENOUNCE AND REPENT that my forbears chose to swear and keep inviolate all the secrets and mysteries of the order of freemasonry in direct contravention to the word, and their acceptance of becoming a wilfully branded perjured individual, void of moral worth and become totally unfit to receive. I proclaim we are from the root of all righteousness and are exceedingly and abundantly blessed.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE of all obligations made involving the square and compass and of the authorities and regulation that has kept my family and my life in check and bound to the ungodly soul ties of the brethren of the Masonic Order.

I REJECT AND REBUKE statements that our feet are the rectitude’s of our actions, and proclaim that it is our ‘heart’ which is filled with the Holy Spirit allowing governorship of our actions and our lives.

I DECLARE that the lambskin apron is not recompense for sin of my forbears. JESUS CHRIST is the only forgiveness for sin and it is his blood that is the rectitude and atonement. The wages of sin is death, and the Masonic apron is not the Lamb of God.

I RENOUNCE AND REJECT the Masonic supreme governor (the architect of Heaven and Earth) is the true God, and I declare that my ABBA daddy, is my all in all and as ELOHIM, HE is the creator of Heaven and Earth.

I RENOUNCE Masonic statements that imply that the grand lodge above will become the proclaimed Heaven and that salvation is progressive and accomplished through good works, acts of faith, mercy and charity. Salvation is a free gift of JESUS CHRIST, not of good works that any man can brag.

I DECLARE Jeremiah 43:13 “There in the temple of the sun, in Egypt he will demolish the sacred pillars and will burn down the temples of the gods of Egypt. I undermine the Masonic Boaz and Jachin and smash the pillars of wisdom, strength and beauty.

I RENOUNCE all penal sign and relevant due guard, secret passwords, tokens and grips and the cornucopia, the witchcraft wand of freemasonry. I BREAK the power of every assigned effect through obligation in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST.

I RENOUNCE every authority through Masonic obligation into blindness, nakedness and helplessness and PROCLAIM that I am united and seated to the right of my father in high and heavenly places. I am one with the spirit of the living GOD.

I BREAK AND RENOUNCE all obligation of Masonic forbears, and the resultant curses for having entered into self-enlightenment, hoodwinking and bondage.

I PROCLAIM I am a new creation in JESUS CHRIST, and the curse of the “Lewis” is thus broken.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every divination and counterfeit gift of Masonic anointing and cast down all false unity in JESUS name.

I DECLARE that the Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible and inerrant word of GOD, and it is not Masonic furniture.

I RENOUNCE, the control of the trace board deities which from a hidden prospective attempt to govern the North, South, East and West.

WITH GREAT AUTHORITY in the Lord JESUS CHRIST I declare every obligation and curse of the entered apprentice degree reversed from my life and the lives of my bloodline. Being that it was spoken on, I have thus declared them off in the name of JESUS CHRIST – AMEN.



I REPENT on behalf of those forbears who entered into freemasonry and who have undergone initiation into this, the Fellow of the Craft Degree.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK the symbolism of engaging in backward or reverse rituals, and or charges involving “passing” in the Mighty name of JESUS.

I RENOUNCE AND CAST DOWN all forbears conscious decision to undergo further trial regarding rituals of spiritual poverty and the wearing of borrowed attire.

I REPENT of their decision to visit the hidden things of ‘nature and science’, and of their adoration to their human master that representative of the sun god RA.

I RENOUNCE the password “Shibboleth” and every pantomime to death pledging, I cast of every impediment of speech and undermine the elements of masonic strength. I expose the steps of the winding staircase and PROCLAIM that the freemasonry “Geometrician of the Universe” is not Almighty GOD.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every effect of spiritual obligations and actions of having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked there from and given to the fowls of the air. I BREAK every effect of the dagger and cable tow threat over my life in the name of JESUS.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE every “blood oath” and promise of this degree, and I cast down every witchcraft curse of death through proclaimed and acceptable murders duly spoken in solemn Masonic fashion. I CAST DOWN every sign of fidelity, every penal and speculative hailing sign in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

I RENOUNCE AND REPENT of every ritual charge involving the masonically stipulated obligations regarding the progression of its science’s and all North East and South East ritual charges and obligations of decadence.

I DECLARE that the masonic plumb line and square represents false justice and counterfeit virtue, and DECLARE that JESUS CHRIST is the yolk of all my righteousness.

I RENOUNCE AND REPENT of all my freemasonry forebear’s respective acceptances and or adherences to the fifth science, and CAST OFF my life and spirit the doctrines and allegory’s of Alexandria Geometry together with its magnitude and extension to all line and perpendicular doctrines, and of the sacred teachings of the Euclid. They have no bearing on the rectitude’s of neither my life nor that of my children in JESUS name.

I REPENT AND RENOUNCE of my forebear’s willingness to accept, believe and adhere to all and every planetary or astrological, self-improving methodology and technique designed to overflow and flood the mind, so as to induce their divine platform to study symmetry, and to follow the teachings of New Age witchcraft. I BREAK every resultant “curse” from my life and from the very lives of my children NOW, in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.

I SEVER AND BREAK every effect of curse from the second symbolic degree, or ‘fellow of the craft”, both from myself and from my children it was spoken over and now I PROCLAIM IT OFF in the authority of the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, AMEN



I REPENT on behalf of and for every forebear’s that has entered into freemasonry and who has been initiated into the “darkness visible degree”, and who has completed “raising rituals” of death and resurrection that alluded to and was a counterfeit to the Christians ‘born again’ baptism.

I REPENT on behalf of those forebear’s who practiced necromancy, and for having engaged in rituals or dark Egyptian mortality involving “book of the dead” invocations.

I RENOUNCE AND FORGIVE all my forbears who entered into this darkness visible degree even as I BREAK every resultant curse of witchcraft in the mighty name of JESUS.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every evil supernatural pantomime of the ancient ritual obligation of having my body severed in twain in the midst and divided north and south, my bowels burnt to ashes in the centre, and the ashes scattered to the four winds of heaven.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual curse initiated through the charges, rituals, prayers and obligations pertaining to the masonry counterfeit of the Holy Bibles King Solomon’s Temple, and DECLARE these heretic rituals exposed and broken. I DECLARE these rituals and charges devoid of moral worth and break their spiritual authority over my life and the lives of my children.

I BREAK every spiritual authority of the masonry “blood oaths promises” those spoken by my forebear’s in this and every other cult degree, and proclaim I am atoned by the precious Blood of the Lamb, washed, and cleansed by the death of our Savior at Calvary.

I BREAK the spiritual power of the password “TUBALCAIN” and sever every ungodly soul tie to this ‘death curse’. I PROCLAIM all of its associated curses of “death” and “premature death” implications broken over myself and my children, and my children’s children to a thousand generations. Exodus 20:6

I RENOUNCE AND REBUKE every assigned demon or familiar spirits duly engaged through the acts of necromancy and spiritualism and symbolic murder’s practiced in the “raising from the dead” ritual. I SEVERE every resultant rebellion and purposeful demonic authority ship, and submit to the order of the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every ritual, charge and implication of the password SHIBBOLETH and I BREAK every contract and proclamation of agreement involving Hiram Abiff (“counterfeit Masonic master”), and I DECLARE, JESUS CHRIST the Lord and Master of my life and SEVER myself from all ungodly soul ties.

I REBUKE AND RENOUNCE every curse and spiritual robbery through the Masonic “skull and bones” rituals together with its charges and every mortality and associate obligation in the brotherhood.

I PROCLAIM the ritualistic grip of the lion paw SEVERED in JESUS Mighty Name. I DECLARE the five points of fellowship “loosed and broken” and I PROCLAIM THEM DESTROYED by the Blood of the Lamb.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual, physical and mental effect of the secret death to life words “Machaben” [Machbinna] and “Mah-hah-bone” and their demonic effect through and with cult and or spiritual meaning –“lumps and cancer”.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual power of the magic ritual involving the twelve and the “theratic circle” of the raising degree, and I REMOVE AND CANCEL its demonic attachments from my life and the lives of my children in JESUS mighty name. Amen.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK every spiritual effect of my forebear’s deceptive efforts to save or right themselves by “good works” and of having placed the idol of their brotherhood [the square and compass’s] over and physically upon the Word of God.

I RENOUNCE AND REMOVE every spiritual ring and ritual regalia from my life and I expose the goatskin parchment loosing it to destruction.

I RENOUNCE BREAK AND REMOVE every spiritual trace of the hoodwink and cable tow and see them destroyed by the blood of the Lamb. I bind every inherited evil supernatural power from further effect or purpose and loose the Spirit of Life and gifts of healing in accordance with Romans 8:2 and 1 Corinthians 12:9.

I RENOUNCE AND BREAK off my life every effect of “death and hell” invoked through Masonic ceremony and oath, and bind every strongman of “antichrist” in Jesus name.

I RENOUNCE the spiritual and physical abandonment of the family and I break every spirit of divorce from my bloodline in Jesus Christ’s mighty name – Amen.

I RENOUNCE the freemasonry teachings that imply that the divine teachings of the Almighty are founded on the study of astronomy and or the world system.

I BREAK every effect of this degree of darkness visible from my family. It was proclaimed on and now I command it off, by the authority of the blood and in the name of JESUS CHRIST- AMEN.

Whilst these prayers are only a commencement in your walk, and with the breaking of the Masonic Seals, the Holy Ghost will indicate which specific areas need to be uplifted. For we can only pray the words JESUS CHRIST himself places upon our hearts. We have no ability to pray otherwise; for prayer is the relationship we have with the King of Kings.

Study the Bible; it is the power unto your Salvation, your Peace and your Hope. Burn your regalia and send the lodge your letter of resignation. Thereafter pray for those left within the order and pray that they would likewise be released such as you have been. Praise the Lord.”