Abba Father, I come before Your Throne in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who came in the flesh.

I confess that Jesus is my Redeemer, Savior, Lord and Creator! I submit myself to Your Holy Spirit and come as a sinner, seeking forgiveness from all my sins in thoughts, words and deeds; cover me with Your Garment of Righteousness and speak through me, in the Name of the True Lord Jesus Christ!

Lord Jesus, because of my association with:

* all of my ancestors of flesh and blood;

* my nation;

* the sins of Christendom;

* the knowledge that I’m equally guilty to all other people and thus saved by grace…

I bring before You the iniquities and sins of the Roman Catholic Church; as we all originate from the first church in Rome and many of their former ways/statutes are still found in many of our churches today. As I agree with You on the sinful nature of these connections, I ask You to cancel and renounce all curses and the consequences of these sins over me and ask that You will exchange them for blessings; giving back to me 7-fold of that which satan stole from me in my ungodly involvement in Roman Catholicism.

Abba Father, I repent, break and renounce:

* all trust in any ‘Sacrament’ that does not have a solid Biblical basis, including infant baptism (and the belief that it’s one of 7 channels of mercy through which one can hope for salvation);

* the casting out of demons by using oil and salt (and the lie that it protects us from evil);

* the belief that infant baptism can regenerate; FAITH saves us!

* any loyalty to the Vatican and it’s yokes of slavery;

* the sacrament of confessing our sins to a mortal man (the priest);

* all the unbiblical titles of: ‘pope’, ‘cardinal’, ‘bishop’, ‘monk’, ‘nun’ and ‘priest’; as well as all idols, votive candles, sprinkling of holy water and wearing ceremonial attire;

* the belief that the bread (Eucharist) is Christ Himself;

* the continual crucifixion of Christ at every Communion.

Father, I renounce and reject:

*the receiving of Communion during the ceremony of Catholic Mass;

* as well as the inscription of devilish names on the bread;

* my bowing to and worship of the bread as if it is Jesus;

* the false sacrament that Holy Spirit is received at Confirmation;

* the lie that non-christened babies go to Limbo, from where they can be released by our prayers;

* all prayers to dead people and any contact made with the deceased (spiritism and necromancy).

Abba Father, I renounce and break:

* any Baptismal/Confirmation-name given to me (usually after some dead saint) and the tie (through the name) to any dead saint or familiar spirit of that saint;

* my loyalty to Roman Catholicism and the lie that I will be cursed if I should confess being sure of my salvation.

Lord God, I renounce and repent of:

* paying money for the release from the imaginary place of the dead called Purgatory;

* the doctrine of the Divinity of Mary and all prayers and worship directed to her;

* the value attached to meaningless repetition of words and prayers (with the Rosary) to the saints;

*from every effect of idolatry or bowing before idols and statues;

* making the sign of the cross (origin in the occult) before my head and chest.

Father, I renounce:

* the belief that the Pope holds the key to life and death, and that he is the head of God’s Kingdom on earth;

* that Peter was the Rock;

* any worship of Semiramis (Mary), aiming to establish satan’s Babylonian Order on earth;

* all worship, veneration and idolizing of Mother Mary and the belief that she’s related to You;

* all loyalty to the false title of: ‘Queen of Heaven’.

Abba, I renounce the complete system called Roman Catholicism, including their control of the World Economy; Free Masonry; The Jesuits; The Illuminati; The Mafia; The Club of Rome; The False Christ and Anti-Christ (Daniel 7:23).

I renounce and repent of all participation in the Roman Catholic Stations of the Cross and the associated ceremonies.

Lord God, I confess and renounce:

* every false burden of the organization;

* the different mysteries;

* the belief that a bead assumes to be a grant;

* wearing jewelry, beads, attire and all special vestments of the organization;

* the control which the Catholics have over everything behind the scenes and that they are the all-encompassing entity behind the One World-Order.

Father, I confess and repent of:

* the Pope’s blasphemies against Your Word and his equalizing himself to You Lord (Luke 5:20; Daniel 7:8,24) and that the Catholic Church will plot to change times and laws to match satan’s time-table (Daniel 7:25).

Lord Jesus, please send Your warring angels to expose every religious demon which kept these yokes and traps in place; arrest every gatekeeper and each one of satan’s subjects concerned; and remove them to the place which You’ve prepared for them.

Destroy every legal right which the devil has in my and all my descendant’s lives; also destroy all proof against us with Your Holy Spirit Fire, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Lord, we ask for a COMPLETE CLEANSING!

Place that which You’ve accomplished on the Cross, together with Your Resurrection, between us and the devils and fill up those areas of our lives with Your Holy Spirit!

Seal it with Your Blood Lord Jesus, to keep satan out!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I bind satan, Beelzebub and all principalities, powers, rulers of the world of darkness, the evil spirits around me and all demons indicated!

I oppose them and ask You Lord Jesus to rebuke them in Your own mighty Name!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I repent for believing in a church that has kept people from understanding the Holy Bible, when that has the Words of Life. Please help me to understand Your Word (The Holy Bible) Lord and to trust it and apply it to my life in a way that will bring glory to Your Name and benefit for my spiritual growth and maturity.


(This prayer was put together and freely translated from information derived from prayers of Martin Brand and